Expert commentary & recent media appearances / mentions:

06/10/2017: “Political scientist Roman Gerodimos to return to Salzburg Global as Visiting Fellow”Salzburg Global Seminar

14/09/2017: “How well do you know your city?”Sakal Times

Disclaimer and corrections to the Sakal Times’ article: Roman Gerodimos lives in London, not Athens (although he grew up there). The Human Library started in Scandinavia, not US universities (although it’s been used by many of them). Dr Gerodimos is not affiliated with the Human Library organisation and was not involved with hosting the Human Library in Athens (although he was inspired by it and has hosted several Human Library sessions in Salzburg and Bournemouth). 

09/09/2017: Roman participates in PILF panel on cultural diversity and global challenges

25/08/2017: “Bookish Connections”The Times of India (Pune Mirror)

05/08/2017: Roman interviewed in Salzburg Global Seminar’s Faces of Leadership series

04/08/2017: “The Cosmopolitan Identity: Tony Judt and Reinaldo Arenas”Medium

19/06/2017: “Global Questions, Parochial Answers” in E. Thorsen, D. Jackson and D. Lilleker, UK Election Analysis 2017: Media, Voters and the Campaign

02/06/2017: “178 υπογραφές υπέρ της Σώτης Τριανταφύλλου”, Η Καθημερινή

24/05/2017: Commentary on elite, media and public responses to terrorism: “Vi reagerer på terror med symboler – ikke andet”, Berlingske (Denmark)

Online version
Print version [page 7, page 8]

28/03/2017: “Russia is Attacking Western Liberal Democracies”, NYU Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia – All the Russias’ Blog

24/03/2017: “Normalising Terror”, Medium

17/02/2017: “Russia is attacking Western liberal democracies”, Medium

27/01/2017: “The way forward: how can citizens respond to Trump in a meaningful way?”, Medium

02/01/2017: “Ο Ρωμανός Γεροδήμος πολεμά την Εποχιακή Συναισθηματική Διαταραχή του με τον πιο έξυπνο τρόπο”, Lifo

01/01/2017: “«Ταυτοτισμός» η νέα κίνηση για το μέλλον της Ευρώπης”, Η Καθημερινή της Κυριακής

30/12/2016: “Μέλλοντα ταύτα”, Amagi

29/12/2016: Συνέντευξη στην εκπομπή Prime Time με τη Βίβιαν Ευθυμιοπούλου, Amagi Radio


10/11/2016: “Is film a useful way to showcase research?”, Times Higher Education


09/11/2016: “The Great Unravelling [2]: a new world (dis)order”, Medium


08/11/2016: Roman joined Bournemouth University’s multimedia live coverage of the US presidential election.


18/10/2016: “Feature: Research in Film Awards 2016: The Utopia Award”, AHRC


17/10/2016: “How a simplistic, manipulative and anti-democratic short film went viral”, Medium

23/09/2016: “Bournemouth University researchers shortlisted for AHRC’s Research in Film Awards”, Bournemouth University

20/09/2016: At the Edge of the Present shortlisted for the AHRC 2016 Research in Film Awards


09/08/2016: “Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change: 10 Years Young”, Salzburg Global Seminar

08/08/2016: “MOVE – Media, Migration & the Civic Imagination”Salzburg Global Seminar

Visit our MOVE publication on Medium

26/07/2016: “How 70 students from around the world are re-imagining migration“, Medium

Academy All

22/07/2016: “An organised society”, Medium


15/07/2016: “Ten things we can do to stop ISIS in Europe (without engaging in a ground invasion)”, Medium


11/07/2016: “The Great Unravelling [1]: Brexit and the threat to the post-war framework of liberal democracy”, Medium


06/07/2016: “Amplifying Civic Voices”, Salzburg Global Seminar

23/06/2016: Συνέντευξη στην εκπομπή του Πολυδεύκη Παπαδόπουλου για το Βρετανικό δημοψήφισμα, Πρώτο Πρόγραμμα ΕΡΤ


11/06/2016: “Il governo greco non ha una prospettiva anticrisi”, Metro

160511 Metro thumbnail

08/05/2016: Συνέντευξη στην εκπομπή Alright με την Κική Τσιλιγγερίδου και τον Κυριάκο Αθανασιάδη, Amagi Radio


06/03/2016: “100 mil personas quedarían varadas en Grecia”, El Mercurio (Chile)

160306 El Mercurio refugee crisis RG

03/03/2016: “Greece is facing an imminent humanitarian crisis” – Roman Gerodimos and Sofie Edlund for the PSA Blog

02/02/2016: “Spojí odpor proti migrantom extrémistov?”, Pravda (Slovakia)

22/01/2016: “Thin Line Festival announces a lineup that’s worth driving to Denton”, Dallas Observer

Walk the Thin Line.

21/01/2016: “Bring on the documentaries”, Star Local Media

Thin Line applause

25/12/2015: “Ο κύκλος που δεν… κλείνει”, Το Έθνος της Κυριακής

18/11/2015: “Greece’s Ongoing Tragedy”, Political Insight, 6: 3


18/11/2015: Κείμενο Διαμαρτυρίας Ακαδημαϊκής Κοινότητας για ΕΔΕ Πανεπιστημίου Μακεδονίας
Το Βήμα
Η Καθημερινή

10/10/2015, “Από τον Κόρμπιν στον Τζιτζικώστα”, Τα Νέα [σελ. 2021]

151010 TA NEA screenshot

19/09/2015: Dr Roman Gerodimos interviewed on SABC News (South Africa)

18/09/2015: “Tsipras llega a las elecciones empatado con los conservadores“, Ahora Semanal (Spain)

03/08/2015: “Short Films Premiere at Salzburg Media Academy”, Salzburg Global Seminar

09/07/2015: Interview on Jazz FM’s Business Breakfast

08/07/2015: “If Greece collapses generations will suffer, warns BU lecturer”, Daily Echo

06/07/2015: Live interview on BBC Radio Solent on the implications of the Greek referendum results

06/07/2015: “Choque de trenes”, La Razón (Spain)

05/07/2015: “Mener kameraderiet er blitt enda verre”, Dagens Næringsliv (Norway)

05/07/2015: “Greece Says No: What Next?”, Roman’s updated  scenario analysis on the Greek crisis, PSA Blog


02/07/2015: “Ναι” στο δημοψήφισμα από 28 πολιτικούς επιστήμονες, Τα Νέα

02/07/2015: “Η Ελλάδα ανήκει στην Ευρώπη”, Εφημερίδα των Συντακτών

01/07/2015: “What lies in store for Greece?” – Roman’s scenario analysis on the Greek crisis, PSA Blog

150701 Greek Crisis scenarios

01/07/2015: «ΝΑΙ» στο ευρώ, «ΟΧΙ» στη φτώχεια της δραχμής: 33 νέοι πανεπιστημιακοί εξηγούν γιατί λένε «ΝΑΙ» στην Ευρωπαϊκή Ελλάδα και γιατί λένε «ΟΧΙ» στη  δραχμή, The Books’ Journal

01/07/2015: ΝΑΙ στην Ευρώπη: Κείμενο-παρέμβαση από πανεπιστημιακούς καθηγητές διεθνών και ευρωπαϊκών σπουδών, Protagon

20/06/2015: “Many Greek losing homes”, Los Angeles Times

13/06/2015: “Turkish Stream, ecco il piano B di Gazprom per aggirare l’Ucraina”, Formiche Magazine (Italy)

07/06/2015: “Greek premier defiant on debt talks”, Los Angeles Times

19/05/2015: “A transitional parliament” in D. Jackson and E. Thorsen (eds), UK Election Analysis 2015: Media, Voters and the Campaign – Early reflections from leading UK academics, Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture and Community

UK Election Analysis 2015

14/05/2015: Συνέντευξη στην εκπομπή του Πολυδεύκη Παπαδόπουλου “To Πρώτο στην Ευρώπη και τον κόσμο”, Πρώτο Πρόγραμμα Ραδιοφωνίας της ΝΕΡΙΤ


02/05/2015: “Όταν η ‘πατρίδα’ έγινε ξανά πρωτοσέλιδο”, Η Καθημερινή

28/04/2015: “Varoufakis es Ahora un Obstáculo para que Grecia Alcance un Arreglo con la UE y el FMI”, Estrategia (Chile)

150428 Estrategia Roman Gerodimos

25/03/2015: “Greek debt defiance and the potential for a eurozone Grexit”, Financier Worldwide

20/02/2015: Live interview on Sky News

13/02/2015: “Grecia Debería Concentrarse Más en Crecimiento que en Pedir Dinero Prestado”, Estrategia (Chile)

150213 Estrategia Roman Gerodimos

12/02/2015: Interview with Lithuanian news portal

06/02/2015: From Pegida to Syriza: The rise of radical Europe, International Business Times

150120 IBT Roman Gerodimos

05/02/2015: “Why’s the left silent on Greek coalition with anti-Semitic party?”, Jewish News

05/02/2015: “Η Εικόνα της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας”, Ο Φιλελεύθερος

02/02/2015: Interview with Novinite (Sofia News Agency)

30/01/2015: Part 3 of the interview with World News Media, European CEO

29/01/2015: Interviewed live on Radio Sputnik on Greece’s stance towards the EU’s sanctions against Russia

radio sputnik

29/09/2015: Part 2 of the interview with World News Media, World Finance

28/01/2015: Part 1 of the interview with World News Media, World Finance

27/01/2015: “The moment of truth for Greece, and for the Eurozone”, PSA Blog

27/01/2015: “Que Tsipras Haya Formado Gobierno con la Derecha Quiere Decir que Mantendrá su Línea Dura”, Estrategia (Chile)

150127 Estrategia Roman Gerodimos

26/01/2015: “Will Greece’s ‘Fiscal Waterboarding’ Sink Europe?”, The Daily Beast / Newsweek

26/01/2015: “Hellas holder pusten”, Dagens Næringsliv (Norway)

26/01/2015: Live interview with Shelagh Fogarty and George Parker, political editor of the Financial Times, on LBC Radio

26/01/2015: “Viability of Coalition Between Syriza, Independent Greeks Doubtful”, Sputnik News (Russia)

26/01/2015: “After Syriza Victory, Alexis Tsipras May Find His Alliance With Independent Greeks Short-Lived”, International Business Times

24/01/2015: “Gréci volia (ne)radikálnu Syrizu”, Pravda (Slovakia)

24/01/2015: “Greek Syriza Party Unlikely to Bring About Major Change, Analysts Claim”, Sputnik International

20/01/2015: Greece Election 2015: What would a Syriza victory mean for Europe?, International Business Times

150120 IBT Roman Gerodimos

01/01/2015: Interview on the upcoming elections in Greece, Radio France Internationale

30/12/2014: “Grékov čaká ďalší súboj hnevu so strachom” [part 1, part 2, online], Pravda (Slovakia)

16/12/2014: Παρουσίαση του βιβλίου Εικόνες Κρατών: Στρατηγική Επικοινωνία, Ήπια Ισχύς και Μέσα Ενημέρωσης

18/11/2014: Interview on the economic and political situation in Greece, Radio Sputnik (Russia)

27/10/2014: Interview with Bridging Europe

18/10/2014: “Η σύγχρονη Αθήνα θέμα ομαδικής έκθεσης”, Η Καθημερινή

19/09/2014: Συνέντευξη στην εκπομπή του Πολυδεύκη Παπαδόπουλου “Με το Πρώτο στην Ευρώπη και τον κόσμο” για το δημοψήφισμα της Σκωτίας, Πρώτο Πρόγραμμα Ραδιοφωνίας της ΝΕΡΙΤ

04/09/2014:Bribe? Salzburg students game solutions to corruption in Moldova, Voices from Eurasia

01/08/2014: Media and Change: Empowerment and Civic Voice, Salzburg Global Seminar

07/07/2014:¿Radicales al rescate?, Reporte Indigo (Mexico)

19/06/2014: “Why Greece is rolling out the Red Carpet to Li Keqiang’s Chinese Investment”, International Business Times

28/05/2014: “Juncker verzus Schulz. Alebo bude šéfom niekto iný?”, Pravda (Slovakia)

16/05/2014: “Migrants’ voting ban aids Greece’s far-right in Euro elections”, Euronews

26/04/2014: Συνέντευξη στην ραδιοφωνική εκπομπή “Αθήνα, το φελέκι σου”, Αθήνα 9.84

06/02/2014: Συνέντευξη στην ραδιοφωνική εκπομπή του Τάκη Καμπύλη, Αθήνα 9.84

02/10/2013: “Επαναπατρισμός αντικειμένων στο Τατόι”, Η Ναυτεμπορική

30/09/2013: Gerodimos works with Engagement Lab, Emerson College

29/09/2013: “Αντέχεις ένα 24ωρο χωρίς Διαδίκτυο;”, Η Καθημερινή

28/08/2013: 66 Students, One Mission: Improve Global Media Literacy and Change the World, Salzburg Global Seminar

25/07/2013: Seventh Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change Opens, Salzburg Global Seminar

20/04/2013: Συνέντευξη στη ραδιοφωνική εκπομπή “Αθήνα, το φελέκι σου”, Αθήνα 9.84

22/03/2013: “Greece: Politics at the Crossroads”, Political Insight

06-07/11/2012: Roman joined NewsLab’s panel of pundits for live multimedia coverage of US presidential election

01/11/2012: “EU spending policies create dissent in U.K.”, USA Today

09/10/2012: “Germany’s Merkel arrives to protests in Greece”, USA Today

03/10/2012: “New Study: Mobile Phones Put the ‘Social’ in Social Media”, The Huffington Post

27/09/2012: “Spain announces severe budget cuts to qualify for EU money”, USA Today

26/09/2012: “Protests against budget cuts in Spain, Greece rock world markets”, USA Today

29/08/2012: “New Study: Global News Sites Poorly Covered the Olympics in Photos”, The Huffington Post

08/07/2012: “Το Λονδίνο θύμα της επιτυχίας του”, Η Καθημερινή

05/07/2012: “Πανεπιστημιακοί διαμαρτύρονται για τις δηλώσεις Κάμερον”, Το Βήμα

05/07/2012: GPSG Open Letter to Prime Minister David Cameron on the issue of possible restrictions to the movements of Greek nationals across UK borders.

19/06/2012: Roman interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live on Greece and the Eurozone

18/06/2012: Roman interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live on the results of the Greek election

17/06/2012: “Pro-bailout party wins, but future uncertain for Greece”, The Washington Times

15/06/2012: “Polarized Greece girds for crucial election”, MarketWatch

14/06/2012: “Greek voters headed back to the polls”, USA Today

09/05/2012: “Græsk højrefløjsparti tæller forbrydere og flugtkonge”, Politiken (Denmark)

09/05/2012: “Európa na križovatke. Šetrenie, ale aj rast”, Pravda (Slovakia)

08/05/2012: “Grécia enfrenta a falta de governo”, Correio Braziliense (Brazil)

07/05/2012: Roman interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live on the results of the Greek election

07/05/2012: “Greece: Anti-Austerity Vote Raises Risk of Eurozone Exit”, MNI

07/05/2012: “Greek voters vent rage on major parties”, GlobalPost

06/05/2012: “Greek voters see hope on the fringe”, The Washington Times

04/05/2012: “Fringe parties tug at Greek power slate ahead of election”, USA Today

03/05/2012: “Fringe parties tilting Europe left and right”, The Washington Times

26/04/2012: “EuroView: Greek Anti-Austerity Vote Poses Eurozone Danger”, MNI

14/04/2012: “Greece’s Elections in May Will Not Solve the Country’s Many Crises Nor Heal Disunity”, Newsweek / The Daily Beast

28/03/2012: Interview with the Salzburg Global Seminar’s Andrea López-Portillo

24/03/2012: Все больше людей становятся зависимыми от мобильных телефонов (“People are becoming increasingly dependent on mobile phones”), Inter TV, Ukraine

14/02/2012:Greek reform package means years of pain“, CNN

13/02/2012: Opinion: Extreme austerity breeds extreme politics, CNN

05/02/2012: Roman interviewed live on BBC News on the debt crisis talks in Greece

30/11/2011: “Greek Democracy at a Crossroads” – Roman’s latest commentary in The Edinburgh Journal

13/11/2011: Interview on the award-winning public affairs show “You are here”, Boston WERS (USA)

08/11/2011: Interview on the Mike Hosking Breakfast show, Newstalk ZB (New Zealand)

05/11/2011: “La Grèce, radiographie d’un pays exsangue”, MediaPart (France)

02/11/2011: “Gréci referendom šokujú Európu”, Pravda (Slovakia)

21/10/2011: “The week that will define Greece’s future”, Commentary for The Independent (UK)

10/08/2011: “Reacţie dură a cetăţenilor britanici faţă de vandali: ‘Nimeni nu susţine violenţele!'”, Adevarul (Romania)

31/07/2011: “Analyzing Murdoch’s decline at the Salzburg Global Seminar”, Global Post

20/01/2011: Heute Nacht, ZDF (Germany)

07/01/2011: “Digitale Askese: Einsam ohne Handy und Internet”, Die Zeit (Germany)

07/01/2011: “Technology junkies: How we suffer withdrawal symptoms like drug addicts if we’re kept away from our gadgets”, Daily Mail (UK)

02/01/2011: “Facebook generation suffer information withdrawal syndrome”, Sunday Telegraph (UK)

03/11/2010: “Merkel targeted by Greek terror groups”, The Independent (UK)

26/10/2010: “Students brave 24-hour technology fast”, The Independent (UK)

24/10/2010: Пятого этажа, BBC Russian Service

22/10/2010: Students try ‘Unplugged’ experiment, BBC 1, BBC News 24, BBC World

22/10/2010: “Unplugged: Living without the media”, BBC Online: dot.Rory

22/10/2010: “Bournemouth students in media black-out experiment”, BBC Online

03/09/2010: Last Word: Dimitrios Ioannidis, BBC Radio 4 (UK)

17/05/2010: Protesty v Grécku budú pokracovat. Príde revolúcia?, Pravda (Slovakia)

09/05/2010: La cultura política, la gran responsable detrás de la debacle económica griega El Mercurio (Chile)

17/12/2008: Gobierno griego hace mea culpa, pero no logra aplacar las protestasEl Mercurio (Chile)

25/10/2007: “Varning för klimatkrisens överraskningar”, Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden)

12/01/2007: “Greek leftists eyed in embassy attack”, Associated Press