Expert commentary & recent media appearances / mentions:

05/08/2017: Roman interviewed in Salzburg Global Seminar’s Faces of Leadership series

04/08/2017: “The Cosmopolitan Identity: Tony Judt and Reinaldo Arenas”Medium

19/06/2017: “Global Questions, Parochial Answers” in E. Thorsen, D. Jackson and D. Lilleker, UK Election Analysis 2017: Media, Voters and the Campaign

02/06/2017: “178 υπογραφές υπέρ της Σώτης Τριανταφύλλου”, Η Καθημερινή

24/05/2017: Commentary on elite, media and public responses to terrorism: “Vi reagerer på terror med symboler – ikke andet”, Berlingske (Denmark)

Online version
Print version [page 7, page 8]

28/03/2017: “Russia is Attacking Western Liberal Democracies”, NYU Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia – All the Russias’ Blog

24/03/2017: “Normalising Terror”, Medium

17/02/2017: “Russia is attacking Western liberal democracies”, Medium

27/01/2017: “The way forward: how can citizens respond to Trump in a meaningful way?”, Medium

02/01/2017: “Ο Ρωμανός Γεροδήμος πολεμά την Εποχιακή Συναισθηματική Διαταραχή του με τον πιο έξυπνο τρόπο”, Lifo

01/01/2017: “«Ταυτοτισμός» η νέα κίνηση για το μέλλον της Ευρώπης”, Η Καθημερινή της Κυριακής

30/12/2016: “Μέλλοντα ταύτα”, Amagi

29/12/2016: Συνέντευξη στην εκπομπή Prime Time με τη Βίβιαν Ευθυμιοπούλου, Amagi Radio


10/11/2016: “Is film a useful way to showcase research?”, Times Higher Education


09/11/2016: “The Great Unravelling [2]: a new world (dis)order”, Medium


08/11/2016: Roman joined Bournemouth University’s multimedia live coverage of the US presidential election.


18/10/2016: “Feature: Research in Film Awards 2016: The Utopia Award”, AHRC


17/10/2016: “How a simplistic, manipulative and anti-democratic short film went viral”, Medium

23/09/2016: “Bournemouth University researchers shortlisted for AHRC’s Research in Film Awards”, Bournemouth University

20/09/2016: At the Edge of the Present shortlisted for the AHRC 2016 Research in Film Awards


09/08/2016: “Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change: 10 Years Young”, Salzburg Global Seminar

08/08/2016: “MOVE – Media, Migration & the Civic Imagination”Salzburg Global Seminar

Visit our MOVE publication on Medium

26/07/2016: “How 70 students from around the world are re-imagining migration“, Medium

Academy All

22/07/2016: “An organised society”, Medium


15/07/2016: “Ten things we can do to stop ISIS in Europe (without engaging in a ground invasion)”, Medium


11/07/2016: “The Great Unravelling [1]: Brexit and the threat to the post-war framework of liberal democracy”, Medium


06/07/2016: “Amplifying Civic Voices”, Salzburg Global Seminar

23/06/2016: Συνέντευξη στην εκπομπή του Πολυδεύκη Παπαδόπουλου για το Βρετανικό δημοψήφισμα, Πρώτο Πρόγραμμα ΕΡΤ


11/06/2016: “Il governo greco non ha una prospettiva anticrisi”, Metro

160511 Metro thumbnail

08/05/2016: Συνέντευξη στην εκπομπή Alright με την Κική Τσιλιγγερίδου και τον Κυριάκο Αθανασιάδη, Amagi Radio


06/03/2016: “100 mil personas quedarían varadas en Grecia”, El Mercurio (Chile)

160306 El Mercurio refugee crisis RG

03/03/2016: “Greece is facing an imminent humanitarian crisis” – Roman Gerodimos and Sofie Edlund for the PSA Blog

02/02/2016: “Spojí odpor proti migrantom extrémistov?”, Pravda (Slovakia)

22/01/2016: “Thin Line Festival announces a lineup that’s worth driving to Denton”, Dallas Observer

Walk the Thin Line.

21/01/2016: “Bring on the documentaries”, Star Local Media

Thin Line applause

25/12/2015: “Ο κύκλος που δεν… κλείνει”, Το Έθνος της Κυριακής

18/11/2015: “Greece’s Ongoing Tragedy”, Political Insight, 6: 3


18/11/2015: Κείμενο Διαμαρτυρίας Ακαδημαϊκής Κοινότητας για ΕΔΕ Πανεπιστημίου Μακεδονίας
Το Βήμα
Η Καθημερινή

10/10/2015, “Από τον Κόρμπιν στον Τζιτζικώστα”, Τα Νέα [σελ. 2021]

151010 TA NEA screenshot

19/09/2015: Dr Roman Gerodimos interviewed on SABC News (South Africa)

18/09/2015: “Tsipras llega a las elecciones empatado con los conservadores“, Ahora Semanal (Spain)

03/08/2015: “Short Films Premiere at Salzburg Media Academy”, Salzburg Global Seminar

09/07/2015: Interview on Jazz FM’s Business Breakfast

08/07/2015: “If Greece collapses generations will suffer, warns BU lecturer”, Daily Echo

06/07/2015: Live interview on BBC Radio Solent on the implications of the Greek referendum results

06/07/2015: “Choque de trenes”, La Razón (Spain)

05/07/2015: “Mener kameraderiet er blitt enda verre”, Dagens Næringsliv (Norway)

05/07/2015: “Greece Says No: What Next?”, Roman’s updated  scenario analysis on the Greek crisis, PSA Blog


02/07/2015: “Ναι” στο δημοψήφισμα από 28 πολιτικούς επιστήμονες, Τα Νέα

02/07/2015: “Η Ελλάδα ανήκει στην Ευρώπη”, Εφημερίδα των Συντακτών

01/07/2015: “What lies in store for Greece?” – Roman’s scenario analysis on the Greek crisis, PSA Blog

150701 Greek Crisis scenarios

01/07/2015: «ΝΑΙ» στο ευρώ, «ΟΧΙ» στη φτώχεια της δραχμής: 33 νέοι πανεπιστημιακοί εξηγούν γιατί λένε «ΝΑΙ» στην Ευρωπαϊκή Ελλάδα και γιατί λένε «ΟΧΙ» στη  δραχμή, The Books’ Journal

01/07/2015: ΝΑΙ στην Ευρώπη: Κείμενο-παρέμβαση από πανεπιστημιακούς καθηγητές διεθνών και ευρωπαϊκών σπουδών, Protagon

20/06/2015: “Many Greek losing homes”, Los Angeles Times

13/06/2015: “Turkish Stream, ecco il piano B di Gazprom per aggirare l’Ucraina”, Formiche Magazine (Italy)

07/06/2015: “Greek premier defiant on debt talks”, Los Angeles Times

19/05/2015: “A transitional parliament” in D. Jackson and E. Thorsen (eds), UK Election Analysis 2015: Media, Voters and the Campaign – Early reflections from leading UK academics, Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture and Community

UK Election Analysis 2015

14/05/2015: Συνέντευξη στην εκπομπή του Πολυδεύκη Παπαδόπουλου “To Πρώτο στην Ευρώπη και τον κόσμο”, Πρώτο Πρόγραμμα Ραδιοφωνίας της ΝΕΡΙΤ


02/05/2015: “Όταν η ‘πατρίδα’ έγινε ξανά πρωτοσέλιδο”, Η Καθημερινή

28/04/2015: “Varoufakis es Ahora un Obstáculo para que Grecia Alcance un Arreglo con la UE y el FMI”, Estrategia (Chile)

150428 Estrategia Roman Gerodimos

25/03/2015: “Greek debt defiance and the potential for a eurozone Grexit”, Financier Worldwide

20/02/2015: Live interview on Sky News

13/02/2015: “Grecia Debería Concentrarse Más en Crecimiento que en Pedir Dinero Prestado”, Estrategia (Chile)

150213 Estrategia Roman Gerodimos

12/02/2015: Interview with Lithuanian news portal

06/02/2015: From Pegida to Syriza: The rise of radical Europe, International Business Times

150120 IBT Roman Gerodimos

05/02/2015: “Why’s the left silent on Greek coalition with anti-Semitic party?”, Jewish News

05/02/2015: “Η Εικόνα της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας”, Ο Φιλελεύθερος

02/02/2015: Interview with Novinite (Sofia News Agency)

30/01/2015: Part 3 of the interview with World News Media, European CEO

29/01/2015: Interviewed live on Radio Sputnik on Greece’s stance towards the EU’s sanctions against Russia

radio sputnik

29/09/2015: Part 2 of the interview with World News Media, World Finance

28/01/2015: Part 1 of the interview with World News Media, World Finance

27/01/2015: “The moment of truth for Greece, and for the Eurozone”, PSA Blog

27/01/2015: “Que Tsipras Haya Formado Gobierno con la Derecha Quiere Decir que Mantendrá su Línea Dura”, Estrategia (Chile)

150127 Estrategia Roman Gerodimos

26/01/2015: “Will Greece’s ‘Fiscal Waterboarding’ Sink Europe?”, The Daily Beast / Newsweek

26/01/2015: “Hellas holder pusten”, Dagens Næringsliv (Norway)

26/01/2015: Live interview with Shelagh Fogarty and George Parker, political editor of the Financial Times, on LBC Radio

26/01/2015: “Viability of Coalition Between Syriza, Independent Greeks Doubtful”, Sputnik News (Russia)

26/01/2015: “After Syriza Victory, Alexis Tsipras May Find His Alliance With Independent Greeks Short-Lived”, International Business Times

24/01/2015: “Gréci volia (ne)radikálnu Syrizu”, Pravda (Slovakia)

24/01/2015: “Greek Syriza Party Unlikely to Bring About Major Change, Analysts Claim”, Sputnik International

20/01/2015: Greece Election 2015: What would a Syriza victory mean for Europe?, International Business Times

150120 IBT Roman Gerodimos

01/01/2015: Interview on the upcoming elections in Greece, Radio France Internationale

30/12/2014: “Grékov čaká ďalší súboj hnevu so strachom” [part 1, part 2, online], Pravda (Slovakia)

16/12/2014: Παρουσίαση του βιβλίου Εικόνες Κρατών: Στρατηγική Επικοινωνία, Ήπια Ισχύς και Μέσα Ενημέρωσης

18/11/2014: Interview on the economic and political situation in Greece, Radio Sputnik (Russia)

27/10/2014: Interview with Bridging Europe

18/10/2014: “Η σύγχρονη Αθήνα θέμα ομαδικής έκθεσης”, Η Καθημερινή

19/09/2014: Συνέντευξη στην εκπομπή του Πολυδεύκη Παπαδόπουλου “Με το Πρώτο στην Ευρώπη και τον κόσμο” για το δημοψήφισμα της Σκωτίας, Πρώτο Πρόγραμμα Ραδιοφωνίας της ΝΕΡΙΤ

04/09/2014:Bribe? Salzburg students game solutions to corruption in Moldova, Voices from Eurasia

01/08/2014: Media and Change: Empowerment and Civic Voice, Salzburg Global Seminar

07/07/2014:¿Radicales al rescate?, Reporte Indigo (Mexico)

19/06/2014: “Why Greece is rolling out the Red Carpet to Li Keqiang’s Chinese Investment”, International Business Times

28/05/2014: “Juncker verzus Schulz. Alebo bude šéfom niekto iný?”, Pravda (Slovakia)

16/05/2014: “Migrants’ voting ban aids Greece’s far-right in Euro elections”, Euronews

26/04/2014: Συνέντευξη στην ραδιοφωνική εκπομπή “Αθήνα, το φελέκι σου”, Αθήνα 9.84

06/02/2014: Συνέντευξη στην ραδιοφωνική εκπομπή του Τάκη Καμπύλη, Αθήνα 9.84

02/10/2013: “Επαναπατρισμός αντικειμένων στο Τατόι”, Η Ναυτεμπορική

30/09/2013: Gerodimos works with Engagement Lab, Emerson College

29/09/2013: “Αντέχεις ένα 24ωρο χωρίς Διαδίκτυο;”, Η Καθημερινή

28/08/2013: 66 Students, One Mission: Improve Global Media Literacy and Change the World, Salzburg Global Seminar

25/07/2013: Seventh Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change Opens, Salzburg Global Seminar

20/04/2013: Συνέντευξη στη ραδιοφωνική εκπομπή “Αθήνα, το φελέκι σου”, Αθήνα 9.84

22/03/2013: “Greece: Politics at the Crossroads”, Political Insight

06-07/11/2012: Roman joined NewsLab’s panel of pundits for live multimedia coverage of US presidential election

01/11/2012: “EU spending policies create dissent in U.K.”, USA Today

09/10/2012: “Germany’s Merkel arrives to protests in Greece”, USA Today

03/10/2012: “New Study: Mobile Phones Put the ‘Social’ in Social Media”, The Huffington Post

27/09/2012: “Spain announces severe budget cuts to qualify for EU money”, USA Today

26/09/2012: “Protests against budget cuts in Spain, Greece rock world markets”, USA Today

29/08/2012: “New Study: Global News Sites Poorly Covered the Olympics in Photos”, The Huffington Post

08/07/2012: “Το Λονδίνο θύμα της επιτυχίας του”, Η Καθημερινή

05/07/2012: “Πανεπιστημιακοί διαμαρτύρονται για τις δηλώσεις Κάμερον”, Το Βήμα

05/07/2012: GPSG Open Letter to Prime Minister David Cameron on the issue of possible restrictions to the movements of Greek nationals across UK borders.

19/06/2012: Roman interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live on Greece and the Eurozone

18/06/2012: Roman interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live on the results of the Greek election

17/06/2012: “Pro-bailout party wins, but future uncertain for Greece”, The Washington Times

15/06/2012: “Polarized Greece girds for crucial election”, MarketWatch

14/06/2012: “Greek voters headed back to the polls”, USA Today

09/05/2012: “Græsk højrefløjsparti tæller forbrydere og flugtkonge”, Politiken (Denmark)

09/05/2012: “Európa na križovatke. Šetrenie, ale aj rast”, Pravda (Slovakia)

08/05/2012: “Grécia enfrenta a falta de governo”, Correio Braziliense (Brazil)

07/05/2012: Roman interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live on the results of the Greek election

07/05/2012: “Greece: Anti-Austerity Vote Raises Risk of Eurozone Exit”, MNI

07/05/2012: “Greek voters vent rage on major parties”, GlobalPost

06/05/2012: “Greek voters see hope on the fringe”, The Washington Times

04/05/2012: “Fringe parties tug at Greek power slate ahead of election”, USA Today

03/05/2012: “Fringe parties tilting Europe left and right”, The Washington Times

26/04/2012: “EuroView: Greek Anti-Austerity Vote Poses Eurozone Danger”, MNI

14/04/2012: “Greece’s Elections in May Will Not Solve the Country’s Many Crises Nor Heal Disunity”, Newsweek / The Daily Beast

28/03/2012: Interview with the Salzburg Global Seminar’s Andrea López-Portillo

24/03/2012: Все больше людей становятся зависимыми от мобильных телефонов (“People are becoming increasingly dependent on mobile phones”), Inter TV, Ukraine

14/02/2012:Greek reform package means years of pain“, CNN

13/02/2012: Opinion: Extreme austerity breeds extreme politics, CNN

05/02/2012: Roman interviewed live on BBC News on the debt crisis talks in Greece

30/11/2011: “Greek Democracy at a Crossroads” – Roman’s latest commentary in The Edinburgh Journal

13/11/2011: Interview on the award-winning public affairs show “You are here”, Boston WERS (USA)

08/11/2011: Interview on the Mike Hosking Breakfast show, Newstalk ZB (New Zealand)

05/11/2011: “La Grèce, radiographie d’un pays exsangue”, MediaPart (France)

02/11/2011: “Gréci referendom šokujú Európu”, Pravda (Slovakia)

21/10/2011: “The week that will define Greece’s future”, Commentary for The Independent (UK)

10/08/2011: “Reacţie dură a cetăţenilor britanici faţă de vandali: ‘Nimeni nu susţine violenţele!'”, Adevarul (Romania)

31/07/2011: “Analyzing Murdoch’s decline at the Salzburg Global Seminar”, Global Post

20/01/2011: Heute Nacht, ZDF (Germany)

07/01/2011: “Digitale Askese: Einsam ohne Handy und Internet”, Die Zeit (Germany)

07/01/2011: “Technology junkies: How we suffer withdrawal symptoms like drug addicts if we’re kept away from our gadgets”, Daily Mail (UK)

02/01/2011: “Facebook generation suffer information withdrawal syndrome”, Sunday Telegraph (UK)

03/11/2010: “Merkel targeted by Greek terror groups”, The Independent (UK)

26/10/2010: “Students brave 24-hour technology fast”, The Independent (UK)

24/10/2010: Пятого этажа, BBC Russian Service

22/10/2010: Students try ‘Unplugged’ experiment, BBC 1, BBC News 24, BBC World

22/10/2010: “Unplugged: Living without the media”, BBC Online: dot.Rory

22/10/2010: “Bournemouth students in media black-out experiment”, BBC Online

03/09/2010: Last Word: Dimitrios Ioannidis, BBC Radio 4 (UK)

17/05/2010: Protesty v Grécku budú pokracovat. Príde revolúcia?, Pravda (Slovakia)

09/05/2010: La cultura política, la gran responsable detrás de la debacle económica griega El Mercurio (Chile)

17/12/2008: Gobierno griego hace mea culpa, pero no logra aplacar las protestasEl Mercurio (Chile)

25/10/2007: “Varning för klimatkrisens överraskningar”, Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden)

12/01/2007: “Greek leftists eyed in embassy attack”, Associated Press