On Location


One of my “geeky” passions is identifying and visiting locations of films, TV series, plays, comic books/BD and even books. This “On Location” series of online exhibitions is based on extensive research of, and travelling to, filming (or plot) locations, starting with some of my favourite films of all time. In these photo-essays I have tried to convey the atmosphere of the location, as well as that of the film or other cultural artefact. Being there, “on location” was thrilling on its own. But observing how locations have evolved (or remained the same) years after filming, as well as exploring how the producers and artists utilised or were inspired by the space, can also be extremely rewarding. Where possible I have tried to identify visitor information and useful links to locations and cultural artefacts.

Revisiting The Remains of the Day – a Tribute to Merchant Ivory

Revisiting Michael Frayn’s Afterlife – a Tribute to Max Reinhardt

Revisiting Trois Couleurs: Rouge – a Tribute to Krzysztof Kieślowski

Revisiting Sense & Sensibility – An Online Exhibition


Revisiting Contact – a Tribute to Carl Sagan