Urban Landscapes: Berlin – An Online Exhibition

“Now what confronts us? Two Germanies, broken apart like the old shattered masonry. This is the material out of which we have to build the world we’re going to be living in tomorrow. This is the only material we possess – the two Germanies as they actually are. Riddled with doubts and suspicions on both sides. If the building we’re creating is going to stay up, we have to make sure that this fragile stuff will bear the load we’re placing upon it. We have somehow to find ways for the doubtful and the fearful on both sides to accept what we’re doing” (Michael Frayn, Democracy).


“Three political parties, in and out of bed with each other like drunken intellectuals, fifteen warring Cabinet Ministers in Bonn alone, and sixty million separate egos. All making deals with each other and breaking them. All looking round at every moment to see the expression on everyone else’s face. All trying to guess which way everyone else will jump. All out for themselves, and all totally dependent on everyone else. Not one Germany. Sixty million separate Germanies. The tower of Babel!” (Michael Frayn, Democracy: A Play)


Urban Landscapes: Berlin – An Online Exhibition

1st ed: May 2011
2nd ed: November 2014

All photos: January 2009 | © Roman Gerodimos


Recommended Viewing:

Fritz Lang (1927), Metropolis

Fritz Lang (1931), M

Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1980), Berlin Alexanderplatz

Wim Wenders (1987), Wings of Desire

David Seltzer (1992), Shining Through

Tom Tykwer (1998), Run Lola Run

Wolfgang Becker (2003), Good Bye, Lenin!

Oliver Hirschbiegel (2004), Downfall

Paul Greengrass (2004), The Bourne Supremacy

Andreas Dresen (2005), Summer in Berlin

Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (2006), The Lives of Others

Uli Edel (2008), The Baader Meinhof Complex


Recommended Reading:

Tony Judt (2005), Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945, William Heinemann Ltd

Michael Frayn (2003), Democracy, London: Methuen

Michael Frayn (2003), The Secret Servant, The Guardian, 6/09/2003

John Le Carré (1963/2006), The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, Sceptre



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