Urban Landscapes: Brussels
An Online Exhibition


Urban Landscapes: Brussels
An Online Exhibition

March 2015

All photos: July 2007, May 2012, April 2014, February 2015 | © Roman Gerodimos

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Recommended viewing:

W. Hulselmans [writer] / F. van Mechelen [dir.] (2012), Salamander, Skyline Entertainment / BBC4

Recommended reading:

J. Coe (2013), Expo 58, Viking

J. van Hamme and P. Aymond (2008), Lady S, Vol 1: Here’s to Suzie, Cinebook

A. Juillard and Y. Sente (2011), The Sarcophagi of the Sixth Continent, Vols 1 and 2, Cinebook

T. Vandorselaer (2004), Brussels through Comic Strips – Comic Strips through Brussels: A Journey of Discovery, Versant Sud

P. Goddin, The Art of Herge: Inventor of Tintin, Vol. 1 (1907-1937), Vol. 2 (1937-1949), Vol. 3 (1950-1983), Éditions Moulinsart

A. Favell (2008), Eurostars and Eurocities: Free movement and mobility in an integrating Europe, Blackwell Publishing

Y. Kapezov (2007), Cities of Europe: Changing contexts, local arrangements and the challenge to urban cohesion, Blackwell Publishing


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  1. καλογραμμενο… ομορφες φωτογραφιες μουσικες επιλογες και βιβλιογραφια περιμενα λιγες κρεπες κανα σοκολατακι … (μην με ακους) παλιογερος και ζηλευω & γκρινιαζω!.

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