Urban Landscapes: Barcelona
An Online Exhibition



Urban Landscapes: Barcelona
An Online Exhibition

1st ed: April 2012
2nd ed: October 2014


All photos: April 2008, August 2009, June 2014 | © Roman Gerodimos

Recommended reading:

Carlos Ruiz Zafón (2001), The Shadow of the Wind, Phoenix / Penguin Books
(also check out this cool website of places in Barcelona mentioned in the book)

Vittorio Giardino, No Pasaran (Vol 1: 2001, Vol 2: 2002, Vol 3: 2008), NBM Publishing

Isaac Rosa (2005), El Vano Ayer, Planeta (in Greek: Το Μάταιο Χθες, Εκδ. Πόλις)

Recommended viewing:

D. Trueba (2003), Soldados de Salamina

P. Almodovar (1999), Todo Sobre mi Madre

G. del Toro (2006), El laberinto del fauno

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  1. SBOBET says:

    It is a beautiful place.
    I want to try and visit for once.

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