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Key Dates:

18/11 – 3/12/2017: Visiting Fellow at the Salzburg Global Seminar 

28/11/2017: Crowdfunding campaign for Essence ends


Latest News & Additions:

19-20/11/2017: Attending Salzburg Global Seminar session 589: Learning from the Past: Sharing Experiences across Borders to Combat Extremism

Salzburg Global Holocaust Education and Genocide Prevention Program on the BBC World Service

15/11/2017: Maria Tsakos and Kyriakos Athanasiadis confirmed as Executive Producers of Essence

12/11/2017: Lebanese artist creates collectable artwork for Essence

09/11/2017: “Ηθικός Πανικός”Amagi

05/11/2017: Time & SpaceFlying Scotsman & York


30/10/2017: Essence – Teaser Trailer #2


07/10/2017: “Νέα Τάξη Πραγμάτων: Η κρίση ταυτότητας είναι ο κρίσιμος παράγοντας αποσταθεροποίησης”Τα Νέα 

[PDF: Σελ. 30, Σελ. 31]

06/10/2017: “Political scientist Roman Gerodimos to return to Salzburg Global as Visiting Fellow”, Salzburg Global Seminar

04/10/2017: “Αποστολή στην Ινδία [2]”, Amagi

30/09/2017: Roman launches teaser trailer, website and crowdfunding campaign for new film, Essence


18/09/2017: “Salzburg Global Fellows speak at Pune International Literary Festival”, Salzburg Global Seminar

17/09/2017: “Αποστολή στην Ινδία [1]”Amagi


14/09/2017: “How well do you know your city?”Sakal Times

Disclaimer and corrections to the Sakal Times’ article: Roman Gerodimos lives in London, not Athens (although he grew up there). The Human Library started in Scandinavia, not US universities (although it’s been used by many of them). Dr Gerodimos is not affiliated with the Human Library organisation and was not involved with hosting the Human Library in Athens (although he was inspired by it and has hosted several Human Library sessions in Salzburg and Bournemouth). 


08-10/09/2017: 5th Pune International Literary Festival, India



10/09/2017: At the Edge of the Present screened at the 5th Pune International Literary Festival in India



30/08/2017: Line-up announced for 5th PILF panels


29/08/2017: “Η Πόλη του Χρήματος”Amagi


25/08/2017: “Bookish Connections”, The Times of India (Pune Mirror)


11/08/2017: “Η επιστήμη στον βωμό των συμβολισμών”Amagi

08/08/2017: Forthcoming appearance: 5th Pune International Literary Festival, India


05/08/2017: Roman interviewed in Salzburg Global Seminar’s Faces of Leadership series

16/07 – 05/08/2017: 11th Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change, Salzburg Global Seminar, Schloss Leopoldskron, Austria

04/08/2017: “The Cosmopolitan Identity: Tony Judt and Reinaldo Arenas”Medium

Notes from a Reading Group at the 11th Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change

20/07/2017: Roman organises 3rd Human Library Session at the Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change

20/07/2017: Screening of At the Edge of the Present (2015) at the 11th Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change

18/08/2017: Roman leads Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change workshop on “Beyond Victimhood: Power, Change and Responsibility”

11/07/2017: Roman to write and direct new short film ‘Essence’ based on Paul Badura-Skoda text. More soon.

19/06/2017: “Global Questions, Parochial Answers” in E. Thorsen, D. Jackson and D. Lilleker, UK Election Analysis 2017: Media, Voters and the Campaign

08/06/2017: “Περηφάνια και πραγματικότητα”, Amagi

02/06/2017: “178 υπογραφές υπέρ της Σώτης Τριανταφύλλου”, Η Καθημερινή

01/06/2017: “Δημοκρατική κληρονομιά”, Amagi

29/05/2017: New publication: “From ‘Being Tethered’ to ‘Going Unplugged’: Media Addiction and the Role of Unplugging as a Transformative Tool of Digital Literacy” in B. De Abreu, P. Mihailidis, A. Lee, J. Melki and J. McDougall (eds), International Handbook of Media Literacy Education (London: Routledge), pp. 337-353


24/05/2017: Commentary on elite, media and public responses to terrorism: “Vi reagerer på terror med symboler – ikke andet”, Berlingske (Denmark)

Online version
Print version [page 7, page 8]


17/05/2017: “Δέκα Μέρες στην Αβάνα – Μέρος Έβδομο: Καθρέφτης”, Amagi

17/05/2017: “Δέκα Μέρες στην Αβάνα – Μέρος Έκτο: Υπόγεια Ρεύματα”, Amagi

16/05/2017: “Δέκα Μέρες στην Αβάνα – Μέρος Πέμπτο: Χρονομηχανή”, Amagi

13/05/2017: “Δέκα Μέρες στην Αβάνα – Μέρος Τέταρτο: Οι Μέσα και οι Έξω”, Amagi

12/05/2017: “Δέκα Μέρες στην Αβάνα – Μέρος Τρίτο: Διδακτέα Ύλη”, Amagi

10/05/2017: “Δέκα Μέρες στην Αβάνα – Μέρος Δεύτερο: Απομόνωση”, Amagi

09/05/2017: “Δέκα Μέρες στην Αβάνα – Μέρος Πρώτο: Προσγείωση”, Amagi

05/05/2017: Urban Landscapes: Havana – An Online Exhibition

03/05/2017: “Το αίνιγμα της Κίνας”, Amagi

17/04/2017: “Διπλωματική εκπαίδευση”, Amagi

09/04/2017: “Το ηχόχρωμα της ισχύος”, Amagi


02/04/2017: “Η ανατροπή”, Amagi


28/03/2017: “Russia is Attacking Western Liberal Democracies”, NYU Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia – All the Russias’ Blog

24/03/2017: “Normalising Terror”, Medium


24/03/2017: “Η κανονικοποίηση του τρόμου”, Amagi


18/03/2017: “Γέφυρα του Λονδίνου”, Amagi


04/03/2017: Blake & Mortimer: The Testament of William S


27/02/2017: A new chapter for the Greek Politics Specialist Group


17/02/2017: Δήλωση του πρώην Αντιπροέδρου της Κυβέρνησης και Υπουργού Εξωτερικών Ευάγγελου Βενιζέλου σχετικά με την έρευνα για τις δραστηριότητες της Ρωσίας


16/02/2017: “Η Ρωσία επιτίθεται στη Δύση”, Amagi


16/02/2017: “Russia is attacking Western liberal democracies”, Medium


13/02/2017: “Το λεξιλόγιο της βούλησης”, Amagi


29/01/2017: “Δέκα ημέρες, δέκα συμπεράσματα”, Amagi


27/01/2017: “The way forward: how can citizens respond to Trump in a meaningful way?”, Medium

09/01/2017: “Δύο κόσμοι, και δύο σενάρια για το μέλλον”, Amagi


08/01/2017: UN Plaza – a Photo Essay


02/01/2017: “Ο Ρωμανός Γεροδήμος πολεμά την Εποχιακή Συναισθηματική Διαταραχή του με τον πιο έξυπνο τρόπο”, Lifo

01/01/2017: “«Ταυτοτισμός» η νέα κίνηση για το μέλλον της Ευρώπης”, Η Καθημερινή της Κυριακής

30/12/2016: “Μέλλοντα ταύτα”, Amagi

29/12/2016: Συνέντευξη στην εκπομπή Prime Time με τη Βίβιαν Ευθυμιοπούλου, Amagi Radio


28/12/2016: “Χριστούγεννα στο Hankley Common”, Amagi


27/12/2016: Cloud Diaries 2016 – A calendar of clouds


18/12/2016: “Η κυβέρνηση του Σρέντιγκερ”, Amagi


12/12/2016: Roman wins EIFA’s Gold Award for Best Short Film Script for At the Edge of the Present

EIFA Winner Laurel

04/12/2016: “Μία επικίνδυνη λέξη”, Amagi


26/11/2016: Urban Landscapes: Rome – An Online Exhibition


20/11/2016: “Επετειακό”, Amagi


17/11/2016: Migration, Media and Empathy: Innovation and Engagement

Three-hour special programme broadcast live from Bournemouth University – part of the Media for Change Global Virtual Conference (#MfC2016)

10/11/2016: AHRC 2016 Research in Film Awards, BAFTA, London


rifa-roman   rifa-dimitris-ana-roman-anthony-auguste

10/11/2016: “Is film a useful way to showcase research?”, Times Higher Education