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Forthcoming Talks and Appearances:

15 April 2014: “The politics of public space in Athens: Power, conflict and co-existence in the context of the Greek crisis” – paper presentation at the 64th annual conference of the Political Studies Association, The Midland Hotel, Manchester

15 April 2014: Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Greek Politics Specialist Group, Chester Room, The Midland Hotel, Manchester

20 June 2014: GPSG Workshop on Political Violence, Terrorism and Extremism in Greece and Europe, Canada Water Library, London

20 July – 9 August 2014: 8th Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change, Salzburg, Austria

Latest News:

03/03/2014: GPSG to convene Workshop on Political Violence, Terrorism and Extremism in Greece and Europe

06/02/2014: Συνέντευξη στην ραδιοφωνική εκπομπή του Τάκη Καμπύλη, Αθήνα 9.84

18-19/01/2014: Προοδευτικό Forum

09/01/2014: “Η Απενοχοποίηση του Κόμματος Εξουσίας”, Το Βήμα

04/11/2013: “Managing Choice: Why having more media means we may be getting less out of it (and what we can do about it)”, Guest Lecture at Emerson College

10/10/2013: Gerodimos R. (2013), “The Ideology of Far-Left Populism in Greece: Blame, Victimhood and Revenge in the Discourse of Greek Anarchists”, Political Studies,
DOI: 10.1111/1467-9248.12079

04/10/2013: Journalism: New Challenges, edited by Karen Fowler-Watt and Stuart Allan, featuring 29 chapters from journalists and academics – including “Global News, Global Challenges” – has been published as a freely available e-book.





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