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Forthcoming Talks & Appearances:

At The Edge Of The Present - Salzburg smA Certain Type of Freedom - poster Salzburg sm

20/07 – 09/08/2015: 9th Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change, Salzburg Global Seminar, Schloss Leopoldskron, Austria

14 – 16/09/2015: Opening Keynote at the European Commission / Council of Europe Symposium on Youth Participation in a Digitalised World, Budapest, Hungary

20-21/11/2015: “Youth and the City: Digital Literacy as a Tool of Urban Voice” – paper presentation at the Media Education Summit, Emerson College, Boston


Latest News & Additions:

09/07/2015: Interview on Jazz FM’s Business Breakfast

08/07/2015: “If Greece collapses generations will suffer, warns BU lecturer”, Daily Echo

06/07/2015: Live interview on BBC Radio Solent on the implications of the Greek referendum results

06/07/2015: “Choque de trenes”, La Razón (Spain)

05/07/2015: “Mener kameraderiet er blitt enda verre”, Dagens Næringsliv (Norway)

05/07/2015: “Greece Says No: What Next?”, Roman’s updated  scenario analysis on the Greek crisis, PSA Blog


02/07/2015: “Ναι” στο δημοψήφισμα από 28 πολιτικούς επιστήμονες, Τα Νέα

02/07/2015: “Η Ελλάδα ανήκει στην Ευρώπη”, Εφημερίδα των Συντακτών

01/07/2015: “What lies in store for Greece?” – Roman’s scenario analysis on the Greek crisis, PSA Blog

150701 Greek Crisis scenarios

01/07/2015: «ΝΑΙ» στο ευρώ, «ΟΧΙ» στη φτώχεια της δραχμής: 33 νέοι πανεπιστημιακοί εξηγούν γιατί λένε «ΝΑΙ» στην Ευρωπαϊκή Ελλάδα και γιατί λένε «ΟΧΙ» στη  δραχμή, The Books’ Journal

01/07/2015: ΝΑΙ στην Ευρώπη: Κείμενο-παρέμβαση από πανεπιστημιακούς καθηγητές διεθνών και ευρωπαϊκών σπουδών, Protagon

26-27/06/2015: “Visualising Discourse: Civic mobilisation on Instagram during the 2014 Romanian Presidential elections” – presentation at the conference on Political Discourse – Multidisciplinary Approaches, University College London

25/06/2015: New research video: Political Communication in the Age of the Like Button – Obama’s 2012 Facebook Campaign: The Research Project from Start to Finish

20/06/2015: “Many Greek losing homes”, Los Angeles Times

13/06/2015: “Turkish Stream, ecco il piano B di Gazprom per aggirare l’Ucraina”, Formiche Magazine (Italy)

07/06/2015: “Greek premier defiant on debt talks”, Los Angeles Times

19/05/2015: “A transitional parliament” in D. Jackson and E. Thorsen (eds), UK Election Analysis 2015: Media, Voters and the Campaign – Early reflections from leading UK academics, Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture and Community

UK Election Analysis 2015







14/05/2015: Συνέντευξη στην εκπομπή του Πολυδεύκη Παπαδόπουλου “To Πρώτο στην Ευρώπη και τον κόσμο”, Πρώτο Πρόγραμμα Ραδιοφωνίας της ΝΕΡΙΤ


02/05/2015: “Όταν η ‘πατρίδα’ έγινε ξανά πρωτοσέλιδο”, Η Καθημερινή

28/04/2015: “Varoufakis es Ahora un Obstáculo para que Grecia Alcance un Arreglo con la UE y el FMI”, Estrategia (Chile)

150428 Estrategia Roman Gerodimos

31/03/2015: New book: The Politics of Extreme Austerity: Greece in the Eurozone Crisis, ed. by Georgios Karyotis and Roman Gerodimos, Palgrave Macmillan


25/03/2015: “Greek debt defiance and the potential for a eurozone Grexit”, Financier Worldwide

07/03/2015: Urban Landscapes: Brussels – An Online Exhibition


04/03/2015: Time & Space: Portugal – Convento de Cristo & Tomar


25/02/2015: “Κόστος Ευκαιρίας”, Το Βήμα

20/02/2015: Live interview on Sky News

16/02/2015: Time & Space: Portugal – Palácio Nacional de Queluz


15/02/2015: Time & Space: Portugal – Palácio Nacional de Mafra


13/02/2015: “Grecia Debería Concentrarse Más en Crecimiento que en Pedir Dinero Prestado”, Estrategia (Chile)

150213 Estrategia Roman Gerodimos

12/02/2015: Interview with Lithuanian news portal 15min.lt

06/02/2015: From Pegida to Syriza: The rise of radical Europe, International Business Times

150120 IBT Roman Gerodimos

05/02/2015: “Why’s the left silent on Greek coalition with anti-Semitic party?”, Jewish News

05/02/2015: “Η Εικόνα της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας”, Ο Φιλελεύθερος

02/02/2015: GPSG Pamphlet No. 4, “First thoughts on the 25 January 2015 election in Greece”

GPSG Pamphlet 4 cover