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04/09/2014: “Bribe? Salzburg students game solutions to corruption in Moldova“, Voices from Eurasia

01/08/2014: Media and Change: Empowerment and Civic Voice, Salzburg Global Seminar

07/07/2014: “¿Radicales al rescate?“, interview with Mexican newspaper Reporte Indigo

20/06/2014: GPSG Workshop on Political Violence, Terrorism and Extremism in Greece and Europe, Canada Water Library, London

19/06/2014: “Why Greece is rolling out the Red Carpet to Li Keqiang’s Chinese Investment”, interview with the International Business Times

02/06/2014: GPSG Pamphlet – “First thoughts on the 18 & 25 May 2014 elections in Greece”

28/05/2014: “Juncker verzus Schulz. Alebo bude šéfom niekto iný?”, interview with Slovakian newspaper Pravda

16/05/2014: “Migrants’ voting ban aids Greece’s far-right in Euro elections”, interview with Euronews




EuroView: Greek Anti-Austerity Vote Poses Eurozone Danger